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Silletti Food

Thanks to our recipes, passed from generation to generation and refined to ensure authenticity, we can now benefit from excellent and tasty products like those from the past.
Silletti Food, working with passion, producing with love!!

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Values and benefits
of our Pizza-base

Silletti's pizza-bases are semi-finished products made with simple and natural ingredients like water, salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil, yeast and a unique blend of flours. We offer high-quality products targeted for professional use.

  • Versatile
    Our products are ideal for pizzerias, restaurants, cafeterias, pubs, wine bars, hotels. They are excellent for happy hours, brunches, party buffets and more.
  • Convenient
    Our products do not need qualified personnel or professional equipment, thus significantly cutting costs. All you need is an oven (preferably refractory) that reaches the recommended temperatures.

Laid by Hand

Stone cooked

Our products

Silletti Food - Basi Pizza


Semi-finished baked products made with simple ingredients and natural leavening. We use re-milled durum wheat flour exclusively from our territories, certified through the meticulous control of the supply chain. Our Pizza bases are individually and carefully laid by hand.

Silletti Food - Pucce


Produced with durum wheat flour and baked in the form of a disc, the puccia is famous for being typically crushed, similar to a sandwich, with a consistency that vaguely resembles focaccia.